Interested in hiring the Celtic Caterer?

The Celtic Caterer provides deliciously unique Celtic menus steeped in history and tradition. The Celtic Caterer Specializes in catering for Parties, Weddings, Events and Holidays.

Let the Celtic Caterer come out and revolutionize your next party. Chef McBride, and the Celtic Caterer are available for special events and weddings all across the US, though our HQ is in Denver CO.

What is Celtic Food?

Much of what can be called Celtic Cuisine comes from the 8 Celtic Nations and is divided between that which is fished from the Seas of the Northern and Western climates of Europe, and those products that could be farmed in the very rugged terrain which they now live in.  The Vegetables grown were primarily root types; for lack of a better word.  These types of vegetables  did not need much light, but stored large quantities of energy in complex carbohydrates and starches.