In every kitchen, in every region of the 8 Celtic Nations you will find a tin or Bacon fat. But Celtic Bacon is not JUST the Pork Belly, in also includes Rashers, Pork Loin, Rib Meat, Back Bacon, Lardon, Salted Pork, Canadian, and of course Streaky Bacon (Pork Belly – American Bacon). There is a wide range of dishes that include these different cuts of meat, from a Breton Bacon Bunny, to Scottish Prawns stuffed with Venison and wrapped in Bacon. And as for Dessert, there is Sticky Toffee Pudding with real Scotch/Butterscotch Frosting and Candied Bacon to Pears stuffed with crushed graham crackers butter, cinnamon, spice rum, then topped with a dollop of Goat Cheese and wrapped in Bacon. There are more than 50 Bacon Celtic recipes with 12 Historical Celtic Essays and excerpts from 10 Celtic Poems.