The flavors of Ireland. There are a 1001 different Irish cook books out their, but the vast majority of them can be discounted just by their description of Irish Soda Bread. Because the primary ingredient of flour in Ireland, is vastly different then that found in North America, and to make it taste like that which is used in Ireland takes a little fineness. In addition there are numerous recipes that have won awards for Chef Eric W. McBride in competitions all across the country. Like that of a Irish Asparagus Blue Cheese salad, a Creamy Potato & Leek soup with white wine, a 3x marinated Irish Stew and a Guinness Chocolate Walnut Cake. There is even a mention as to why the Irish have not eaten Corn Beef in over 160 years. With over 50 recipes listed, there is hardly enough room crammed into this book to include the 12 Historical Irish Essays and excerpts of 12 Ancient Irish poems.