Product Description

This is a recipe that goes back some 2,000 years. Variations of this were written down by Roman Scholars who returned from Scotland. There it was used as a blend of spices to cure meat for smoking. Centuries later a more modern variation was used in recipes for a 7 day rub for cooking a Brisket. The Celtic Caterer’s blend in a mixture of the two, which can be used both for smoking Beef or Pork meat, and can also be used as a Dry rub for the Irish Brisket. It is this dish that precedes the use of Corned beef, and has a much superior flavor. You can see the more modern ingredients added in the past 3 centuries with the use of cloves, and Mace, both introduced through trade with the East Indian company. Beware, meats that are seasoned with this spice will continue to grow in flavor even days later after being cooked and refrigerated. A excellent accompaniment when this happens is the use of any Mustard product.