“Chef McBride’s favorite Spice blend”

Hot spices are not always the norm in Celtic Cuisine, but the Southernmost Celtic nations do like to experiment with the occasional spicy dish. But the problem with many Spicy blends is that you are still tasting the heat 30 minutes later.
Chef McBride has been able to blend a combination of native flavors, to create a spicy seasoning that peaks up front of the initial taste, but then fades quickly so that the remainder of the meal can be enjoyed.

This blend combines some familiar flavors like Cayenne, with White Pepper from Borneo, and Chili Powder, with some unfamiliar peppers, that of Peri, Peri, a Portuguese name for a African Chili and only 2% Scottish Bonnet Chili, a Caribbean Chili named for its similarity to the Scottish Bonnet worn by early Buccaneers fleeing from English Persecution.

Great on Boneless pork ribs, New England Clam Chowder, Scramble eggs, and even Fish and Chips.