The Original Celtic Seasoning blend. When first researching Celtic Cuisine, Chef McBride discovered a consistent trend of certain herbs and spice blends between all 8 Celtic Nations. They included Thyme- the number 1 most used herb in all 8 Celtic Nations,along with Garlic and pepper. The All Gaelic seasoning uses the British Thyme plant, but grown in the sunny fields of the Mediterranean, to make a more robust flavor, this along with Garlic powder and the unique flavor White pepper from Borneo. All Gaelic Seasoning needs moisture to really bring the flavors out.

It is Amazing with Potato & Leek Soups, Irish Fried Cabbage, Welsh Whisky Cheese Soup, \Irish Asparagus Blue Cheese Salad, and Smoke Salmon Cheese Pate, Scottish Beef Collops, and much, much more.