Product Description

Though all of the Celtic Caterers seasoning blends are Gluten free, we make a special note on our Mustard powder. There in only one primary blend on the market the world round, that is Coleman’s Mustard Powder, but if you look hard at the ingredients, you will see that they pad their product with flour. Chef McBride only used Natural Mustard powder, blended with horseradish, garlic powder, turmeric and white pepper. The use of Turmeric makes this blend not only great for all Celtic Cheese sauces, and rarebit, but also makes it one of the healthiest spice blends around. Also great on Roasts as a dry rub to get cooked in the meats juices, or blended with sour cream and Worchester sauce to make a nice meat sauce. The blend Chef McBride has put together here comes down from a combination of old Welsh recipes, some going back over 800 years.